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Paul Scerri | Swiss Natural Face Care



Discover the Essence of Deep Beauty with Paul Scerri's face care. Each product in our collection is a testament to our holistic approach, combining natural ingredients with the latest research and development. From antioxidants to essential oils, our Geneva laboratory harnesses nature's power to address the root cause of skin concerns.

Experience the uniqueness of each product, crafted with professional competence, to reveal the natural mechanisms of protection and repair in your skin. Our face range represents quality, high-performance, and innovation, tailored to the uniqueness of each skin type.

Paul Scerri | Phytodrop Serums


Paul Scerri Phytodrops are a new generation of aromatherapy that combine essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, plant proteins, and various hygroscopic substances.

Paul Scerri | Osmovital


Wrinkles are the immediate and personal evidence of the passing of time. The presence of wrinkles is the result of a deep disorganization that cannot be corrected by simply applying a cream, no matter how effective it may be.

Paul Scerri | Crèmes de Jour


Our day creams are designed to meet the specific needs of your skin. Whether you have balanced, impure, sensitive, dull, or oily skin, we have a cream for you.

Paul Scerri | Crèmes de Nuit


Our night creams are designed to deeply nourish your skin while you sleep. Whether you have dry, sensitive skin, or simply want to tone your skin, we have a cream for you.

Paul Scerri | Laits de Beauté


Our beauty milks are much more than just cleansers. They are multifunctional, active, and balanced to have a targeted function according to the specific skin type it is intended for, in order to preserve the delicate hydro-lipidic balance of the epidermis.

Paul Scerri | pH Regulators


Our pH regulating lotions are designed to free the pores from any residue and have a balanced pH that closely resembles the natural pH of aesthetically healthy skin, which is pH 5.5.

Paul Scerri | pH Regulators


Discover the power of Paul Scerri Melacontrol, an innovative line dedicated to combating pigment spots and achieving an even, radiant complexion. Harnessing advanced technology and active ingredients, our Melacontrol line effectively regulates melanin production, ensuring a clear and luminous skin tone.

Paul Scerri | pH Regulators


Experience gentle care with Paul Scerri Sensitive, a line crafted to cater to the needs of delicate and sensitive skin. This soothing range calms, nourishes, and protects, ensuring your skin's natural balance and comfort. Embrace a skincare routine that respects your skin's sensitivity and enhances its natural beauty.

Paul Scerri | pH Regulators


Introducing Paul Scerri Compensation, a line specifically designed for dry, dehydrated, and devitalized skin. This nurturing range replenishes moisture, restores balance, and revitalizes the skin's natural radiance, offering protection against environmental stressors and seasonal changes.

Paul Scerri | pH Regulators


Delve into the world of Paul Scerri Face Care Specialties, a range expertly designed to cater to the unique and specific needs of your facial skin. This line features specialized treatments that offer targeted solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your skincare routine is addressed with precision and care.

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